The Bautz site takes its name from Josef Bautz. Born in Saulgau, Upper Swabia, Bautz is a blacksmith who founds his own company in 1890. At the outset, the Bautz product range is limited to grass processing and grain harvesting machinery.


Josef Bautz acquires the site in Hanau-Großauheim to manufacture tractors and agricultural haulers. When World War II breaks out, his equipment production hall is seized by the authorities.


After the end of the war, civil tractor manufacturing resumes in Großauheim, starting with the Bautz AS120 model, which becomes a bestseller. Other models are developed over the following years, culminating in tractors with 22 HP.
Assembly of farm tractors at the Bautz company


By the late 1950s, the German market for small tractors is becoming saturated, so the company develops new business models.


Bautz launches the first self-propelled combine harvester and collaborates with the British company Nuttfield, integrating two Nuttfield models into the range of products distributed in Germany.


Bautz joins forces with Hanomag and replaces the Nuttfield models with Hanomag’s Gigant and Brillant tractors.


Ultimately, Bautz exits the tractor market to focus on threshers and shakers.


Acquisition by agricultural machinery group Claas.


Since the 1970s, the site on Josef-Bautz-Strasse has served as a commercial and storage location for a number of companies. For a time, it was also a hotspot for the party crowd: after the demolition of the pig hall, Hall 2 temporarily served as a cultural center for young people.


Due to town growth and the amalgamation of outlying districts, the population of Hanau has almost tripled since 1950. This leads to a widespread call for various areas to be earmarked for the construction of new residential neighborhoods. The Bautz site is top of the list: its location makes it a prime contender for conversion from commercial to residential use.


Hanau-based property developer Bien-Ries AG acquires the site and carries out the initial planning for converting it into a residential neighborhood.


The current planning status is publicized through events and information. Ideas and suggestions from local citizens are incorporated, documented and evaluated. These events prove highly popular.


German-Austrian company BUWOG, one of the foremost residential real estate developers in the sector, acquires Bien-Ries AG. As the new project developer, BUWOG asserts its firm commitment to the location and the Bautz site. This means that all of the employees are retained, BUWOG expands its Hanau offices, and planning goes ahead for the Bautz site.


Specialist workshops bring together BUWOG experts in sustainable neighborhood development. They fine-tune the concepts for the new neighborhood on the banks of the Main river, including sustainable energy supply, the design of the green spaces and parkland, and ensuring that the living options are suitable for all generations.


By passing the draft and disclosure decision, the municipal authorities give the go-ahead for the local advisory board and the city council to start handling the project.

April 2022

This BUWOG project website is launched to complement the information provided by Hanau City Council. To be continued…